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Women Who Lead : Founder Parents

Women leaders matter. It would just be unacceptable not to acknowledge the courage we bring when we step forward into leadership and be ourselves, all of the amazing work we've accomplished in being champions, not forgetting raising and helping others unleash their best selves.

What we know is that, post COVID what we are doing has a significant impact on society because there is a greater realization that some of the attributes that women have, are attributes that help in success whether as nations, as countries or as companies.

Here are some principles I will share to encourage you

First determine what success looks like to you

As a young woman, in my culture we are always faced with the decision of having a family or having a career. What are the options? Good news is, You can do both.

Being rigorous with your dreams

Take concrete action and monitor how you are doing versus the goals you set.

Your Values Are Your Compass

We have a duty to help those under our care focus on values that propel them forward. It is important for our brands, what people remember you with. Stand up for what is right with integrity, compassion and empathy.

Take personal responsibility for your life

We first convey what we are before anyone else and we are a drive of force for others. You need to be deliberate in how you spend your time, what is useful, what adds more value. You empower yourselves to change your circumstances and take control of your life. One of my favorite quote is from Arlan Hamilton "Pull your own chair up to the table. Scribble your own name on the VIP List, and don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t belong".

Excellence is my mantra

This means conquering biases that of being a woman, being young or even being a Nigerian Canadian as I am. Invest in yourself and learn from others daily


People have often said that men are great risk takers. Women are thoughtful before taking risks. Then do it afraid all the time.

Building a Network

Ensure that you have strong relationships with your family, friends, colleagues etc. Don't wait until you need something. Fostering relationships with people matter a lot. People matter.

Maintain a positive attitude

You are more able to solve problems when you have a positive attitude. Release all negative thoughts of being a bad mom, bad wife, bad business partner and accepting more of leaning on others when you are not on top of your game. Choose love always.

Failing forward

What people consider failure if handled well, is often an opportunity to stop, reflect and change course and most time can catapult you into greater success.

Pay it forward

Encouraging and empowering others. Impact society and give all of yourselves. Not later, in future, but now.

I should say that more women are stepping down from leadership, especially with the pandemic crisis around the world. Some of us spend a lot of time playing small and second guessing but you need to trust your dopeness and the fact that no one out there is YOU, that's your superpower. Embrace it!

As we gear up for Black History Month, here are some awesome books to read to keep you positive Its About Damn Time by Arlan Hamilton , Acting Up by Janice Bryant Howroyd , Solid Ground and Resilient by Sevetri Wilson.

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